The Perfect Hair Accessories For Short Hair

Okay let’s talk about hair, but more specifically short hair. By short hair I mean anything above chin length.

Many brides with short hair can find it difficult when it comes to choosing their hair accessory. This is because there isn’t much short hair wedding inspiration out there. A lot of magazines and Pinterest, show brides with long tumbling boho waves or soft up-do’s that are totally not an option for short hair.

In this feature I’m going to prove to you that as a short haired bride, it isn’t as hard as you think to find the right bridal hair accessory that will make you feel and look amazing!

Firstly let’s take a look at side tiaras and headbands. Both of these options are absolutely made for brides with short hair. They are easy to wear and look absolutely stunning.

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The Gatsby and Betsy Side Tiaras both have a real vintage feel about them, but you could also choose something simpler with pearls or diamantes. One thing to remember when choosing your tiara is to try to get a band with tension rather than a rigid band that will need pinning into your hair.

Bridal Headbands fit perfectly on short hair. Some like the Athena Crystal or the Amelie Vintage headbands have loops at either end for you to secure the hairpiece into your hair. Maybe think of wearing them in different ways on the day, such as across the forehead or as a traditional ‘Alice’ style. As they don’t need to be nestled into long hair you could easily change it around giving yourself a ceremony look and then a different look for the evening.

Next, let’s move on to bridal hair pins, hair combs and hair clips. Not every bride wants to go for the full on hair accessory, this is where the simpler, smaller hair pins, clips and combs are perfect.

The Paris Gold, Grace and Monaco hair pins, are pretty, elegant and utterly stunning! A sneaky trick to securing pins into your short hair is to place tiny braiding elastic bands where you want your hair pins to sit, this will give them the extra security needed.

A delicate sparkling hair comb will add a touch of glamour to a soft romantic bridal look. Again easy to secure and for extra hold place two hair grips in an X and push the comb in behind them. The Cecilia and Alessia Gold Hair Combs are so versatile. They could be worn with a veil during the day adding a touch of traditional sparkle and then just before the reception, place it alone just above the ear for a touch of evening glamour.

Now for hair clips. Hair clips are a big thing for 2019 bridal accessory fashion. Easy to wear, self securing, elegant and eye catching, they are a great go to for brides with short hair.

The beautifully beaded Annabelle hair clip and the pearl and glass beaded Delilah are absolutely gorgeous and being on a clip can be placed anywhere on shorter bridal hairstyles. They can give a glamorous, vintage or even a modern tough to your outfit.

And last but not least the return of the flower crown. Floral and fauna crowns look absolutely amazing on short hair, allowing you to bring your wedding colours into your attire.

So I hope you will agree that no matter how short your hair is, you’ll never be short of choice when deciding on your wedding day hair accessory!

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