How To Get The Best From Your Wedding Photos

It’s here, Your wedding Day!

All that worry, preparation and organising is going to be worth it when you see all your loved ones gathered around you. The day may fly by in a haze as you recall walking down the aisle, seeing your soon to be husband standing there waiting for you, the exchanging of your vows and the many words of ‘congratulations’ from the people sharing your special day.

As time goes by, your memory of the little things will fade, but the one thing that will help you keep those beautiful moments alive is your wedding photos.

Your photos will tell a story. A love story about the day you became husband and wife, a story of you declaring your love for each other in front of your family and friends.

Photos give you the opportunity to reminisce time and time again, be it as a couple or with your children and even grandchildren in many years to come.

For this reason I believe that Wedding photos are the most important part of your wedding, as they also capture those moments you don’t necessarily see on the day.

Now that you understand how precious your wedding photos will be to you both, what can you do to make sure that the quality is of the highest standard and that your photographer has captured the pure joy and emotion of your special day?

We have some help and advice that will help you shine in front of the camera!

Choosing The Right Photographer

When budgeting for your wedding, the one thing you should put high on your list is a photographer, one that has captured many a wedding.

Choosing a wedding package is a personal thing, as photographers have very individual styles and ideas when it comes to shooting weddings. Make sure you do your research!

Price wise, you will be surprised at the variation in costs. The higher prices generally come with a photographers experience and knowledge. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be the best.

When choosing you photographer you want to feel a connection with them, you need to know you will be comfortable having them around. Ideally you will want to meet them face to face to see if you both have the same vision of the photos you want taken.

Research, Research, Research!

I can’t express enough just how important it is to research your photographer.

Check out their website, looking through the albums. Search their Facebook page, Instagram, read reviews and if possible speak to people who have used them.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a great a photographer, but still check out their work to make sure their style is YOUR style. It is important to find a photographer that fits the bill!

Know What You Want

Have a vision on what style of photos you want.

Make a list of who you want photos taken with, do you want more family photos, more photos of the ceremony or just natural snaps, no posing? Have the list ready when you meet your photographer. You can always refer back to the checklist to see if you want any changes.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

Professional Hair and Makeup

If it is within your budget, get your hair and makeup done professionally. This can and does make a world of a difference in the way you feel and it will also show in your wedding photos!

Some brides choose to use their regular hairdresser as they know their hair, but others may choose to look for a hairdresser that specialises in wedding hair. Go with who makes you feel comfortable and book in for a trial or two so you feel 100% happy with your look on your wedding day. We at Confetti Dreams always suggest to our brides that they remember to take any bridal hair accessories along with them to their trials. This will allow your hairdresser to work around them and offer you any advice they have. It will also give you a fuller picture as to what your hair will look like on the actual day.

When selecting your makeup artist, as with photographers, look through work they have done on other brides and see if that is the look you’re after. A good MUA will offer you their advice, but will work with you to achieve the look you want.

Communication is key, so speak up and tell them what you want, but also listen to any advice given to you. Most MUA’s offer a trial run, again if you can afford it go for it as this is where you can give feedback and it will also give you peace of mind, knowing what to expect on the wedding day.

Play Music

Music plays a big part on our emotions, so why not have some music playing in the background as you and your bridal party get ready on the morning of the wedding. Have a sing-a-long and drink some bubbly. Trust me, you will soon relax and won’t even notice your photographer is there and this way, they will be able to capture the real moments.

Learn How To Pose

Those natural ‘caught in the moment’ photos are the best but if you do have to pose for some photos try the pose that all the stars use.

Put your hand on your hip, turn your body 45 degrees to the side and turn your head to face the camera. Try it, It really does work!

We all have that photo of us that shows the dreaded double chin, To avoid having this, elongate your neck by moving your face forward and letting your chin drop naturally. Practice in the mirror so you’ll feel more confident on your wedding day.

Almost all brides want to look slimmer in their photos. Another great tip is to stand up straight and keep your arms away from your body, this will accentuate your waist, making it look smaller on camera.


Even with all these tips of the trade, the most important thing to remember is have fun and enjoy your day!

Weddings take a long time to put together, so the last thing you want to do is be worrying about anything. Relax, knowing that all the hard work has been worthwhile.

The last piece of advice is, take time out during the day, just the two of you, so you can take in everything around you. Look at your loved ones joining together to make this day special. And be grateful that they are all there for you!

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Field of Sunflowers photo by Ivan Cabañas on Unsplash

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