How To Choose The Right Bridal Hair Accessory

As a bride-to-be it can be quite overwhelming when deciding how you want to do your hair for your wedding day and what type of hair accessory you should wear. So where do you start? First thing to decide is, are you having a theme?


When choosing your wedding hair accessory, you need to picture the overall look and feel of how you want your wedding to be. Are you having a romantic wedding? Do you want a more rustic/natural feel? Are you thinking of a beach wedding? All of this will help you when choosing not only your hair accessory but your dress as well!

Choosing the Dress

What type of dress would you like? This is arguably one of the most important aspects of the wedding. The wedding dress sets the style for your whole look so when looking for a wedding hair accessory, you need to consider and look at the style and colour of your dress and whether or not your dress has embellishments.

If your dress is simple with hardly any detail in the design, it leaves you open to choosing any type of hair accessory. You could really go full Bling! But if your dress is more detailed and has a lot of embellishment, you may want to take that into consideration and opt for a more simple hair accessory.


Once you have found ‘the dress’, it is time to decide on your hairstyle, then choose accessories that will complement it.

There are so many beautiful styles around to choose from, that you really need to start by asking yourself what styles suit you and what makes you feel more comfortable? Will you be wearing your hair in an updo, half-updo or keep it all down and loose? It is also important to take into consideration your hair type as well. If you have fine hair, you may want to stay away from heavier pieces that will just weigh your hair down.

If you have short hair, then maybe think about wearing a headband or a hair vine as these work wonderfully!

Another question to ask is are you thinking of wearing a veil? Luckily, most bridal hair accessories, such as clips, hair vines, and headbands, look amazing with a veil!

Hair accessories can bring your whole look to the next level, but just remember to go for something that will complement your dress/look, not compete with it!

Bridal Hair Accessories

Here is a rundown of some hair accessory options.

Comb: Hair combs are an extremely popular choice among brides! With so many different styles, it is easy for brides to find one that matches their style! They work best adding the finishing touch to an updo, but they can also be used to sweep long loose locks to the side!

Headband: Bridal headbands are popular with brides who have short hair, as they sit beautifully and can make a real statement with full on bling or can give a softer romantic look with a dainty headband.

Hair Vine: Bridal hair vines are a newer trend that brides are loving, mostly because they are so versatile! Great for a romantic or bohemian look, hair vines can be positioned to look like a tiara or twisted and bent into different shapes to accent your chosen hairstyle.

Tiaras: Bring a touch of tradition and regalness. Again like the headband a wedding tiara can give drama and sparkle or a smaller, more simple design will add elegance and simplicity!

So in a nutshell, look for an accessory that will complement your theme, your wedding dress, your hair style, and the Jewellery you will be wearing.

But the most important thing to remember at all times is that this is your day and you should feel like your most beautiful self. It is important to stay true to yourself and your style. The bottom line is do what makes you happy, It is your wedding day after all!

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