8 Wedding Cake Trends For 2019

The wedding cake traditions of days gone by are disappearing more and more. It’s no longer about the fruit cake, complete with white icing. Today when you slice into a cake you’re more likely to find each tier is a different flavour, maybe chocolate, red velvet and traditional sponge.

So what can you expect to continue to see in 2019? Well, naked cakes have been a very popular choice for bride and grooms over the last couple of years and you will probably still see these around this year. But the wedding cake trends of this year are set to mix things up a bit, with more glamorous, show-stopping creations taking over.

To get some inspiration for this years wedding cake trends, take a look below to see what creation will perfectly fit your special day!

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Geometric Shapes

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Patterns and geometric shapes will be one style dominating the wedding tables this year and next. For many couples, the first go-to option will still be the round cake. But 2019 will bring in the square and hexagonal tiers for wedding cakes. This new style connects the elegant styles of the traditional wedding cake with the more modern, popular geometric style.

Ferns, Leaves and Herbs

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Greenery is nothing new on wedding cakes, but there’s been a change in what is used. Ferns, paired with textured white buttercream, have replaced the usual eucalyptus and other more popular wedding greenery.

Eucalyptus leaves, herbs and fruits, to name a few are however still being used, as couples are still craving that natural finishing touch.

Boho Chic

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The simple, rustic looking boho cake has been on the scene for a while now, but this year you will see ‘boho chic’ becoming a top choice for wedding cakes.

For the 2019 boho look, you can expect to see dreamcatchers, feathers, foliage and colourful palettes. Combining these with textured buttercream or partially covered naked sponge, you’ll have a cake with a style to stand the test of time.


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Over the decades the perfectly smooth iced tiers on a wedding cake have been the choice of finish for most brides and grooms. More recently however couples have been more open minded and have started to include different textures into their cake design.

In 2019, you can expect to see a rise in the amount of couples who choose to create a delicious cake with a textured surface rather than opting for the more traditional smooth layers.


Image Source: https://folegaphotography.co.uk/wedding-cake-inspiration/

While we often associate wedding cakes with floral decorations, 2019 will bring in flowers that are more prominent. Instead of adorning your tiers with one or two blooms, it’s time to create bold arrangements.

As well as decorating cakes with beautiful organic fresh blooms, 2019 will see the return of sugar flowers. You will see more organic and asymmetrical sugar flower arrangements on cakes and floral choices will still include roses and peonies. You will however see the addition of other flowers such as dahlias, and foraged elements like berries and twigs. Pastels are still very much a popular colour choice, but you will also see the appearance of more vibrant colors.


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Hand-painted elements are going to be a major theme in wedding cake designs this year. This form of decorating opens doors for all kinds of styles and themes. Think picture abstract brushstrokes, free-style handwriting, or watercolor flowers. If choosing a very intricate hand-painted cake design, think about keeping the tiers simple and stick to all one shape, eg all classic round tiers or all square. And remember with a hand-painted cake, you’re guaranteed to have something that’s 100% original!


Image Source: http://www.brownscakes.co.uk

Ruffle decorated wedding cakes tend to look a little bit more traditional. They are pure sophistication and elegance, so if you are thinking of having a traditional wedding, this style cake would be perfect for you. You could go mad and have ruffles all over, or you could think of giving it a bit of an upgrade by flipping the rows of ruffles so that they run vertically. If you choose the latter option, think of pairing it with a simple, sleek second and third tier so that the design really stands out. How elaborate you go is up to you!

Cheese Cake

Image Source: https://www.houseofcheese.co.uk

This style of ‘cake’ has been creeping into many a wedding recently, the cake made of actual wheels of cheese!

If you don’t have a sweet tooth or you are running on a tight budget, this style could be for you. Add fruit to the top and adorn the base with crackers and you have a great addition to your evening buffet!

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