10 Great Reasons To Get Married Abroad

So, you’re ready to get hitched, but where? You don’t have to wait until your honeymoon to jet off to a far-flung location, and you certainly don’t have to stick to your hometown if you don’t want to. If you wish to increase the odds for marrying in the sunshine or even in the snow, then there are plenty of reasons to consider getting married abroad. Here are ten of the best reasons to get out your map and start planning a wedding abroad.

Tone down the stress

There’s nothing more relaxing than going on holiday. Getting married abroad is essentially marrying on holiday. With this, you can take on a chilled holiday vibe, and your guests will adopt the same tone too. So, embrace that holiday mood and your whole wedding, guests included, will follow suit.

Sand between your toes

Is there anything better than the sand between your toes and waves lapping at your feet? In the UK a beach wedding may freeze your toes to numbness, but go abroad and you can enjoy blissful sunshine, warm sand and beautiful views for miles around. Just imagine getting married on the sand, no need to wear uncomfortable shoes that will pinch your toes all day. Go bare footed!

Keeping it simple

Want a small and intimate wedding? Then a wedding abroad is the perfect excuse only to invite your closest friends and family. If you’d like to share your special day with only those who mean the most to you, a wedding abroad can help facilitate that and ensure you don’t feel guilty for not inviting your distant second cousins or work colleagues. And remember, you can always have a big party when you return and invite everyone. You will even get to wear your dress twice!

Reduce the amount of wed-min

Think a wedding abroad will be more difficult to plan? This is most definitely not the case. With more and more people choosing to get married on far off shores, you will find many wedding planners that will be extensively experienced in not only planning a wedding but following the customs of the country you choose to marry in. So, if you’re looking to have your wedding abroad and have found the perfect venue, they may have an in-house wedding coordinator or a wedding package they can offer which takes away the stress of planning. Alternatively, seek out an independent wedding planner abroad who can look after everything for you.

Enjoy a fusion wedding

Getting married abroad means you can adopt the culture, tradition and customs of the wedding location while tying in the other aspects from back home that you don’t want to lose. Remember, it is your big day, and getting married abroad means you don’t have to follow all of the traditions of back home, unless you want to. Instead, make an interesting fusion that gives your wedding personality.

Make it your go-to destination

Having your wedding abroad means there is a destination in the world that you and your soon to be husband or wife, can revisit time and time again to relive the happiness of your wedding day. Make that dream wedding destination a place to come back to for anniversaries and other meaningful dates for the rest of your lives.

Lower the cost

If you think getting married abroad is more expensive than here in the UK, think again. Studies show that the average cost of a wedding abroad is below £10,000 while an average wedding in the UK costs around £24,000. Getting married abroad also means you don’t need to pay out for a honeymoon and you will also find cheaper suppliers at hand. Furthermore, typically the biggest cost of a wedding is the price for the venue, and this is often significantly cheaper abroad, some may not even charge at all!

Added romance

Getting married abroad gives you the chance to explore a new country or location together as a couple. You can spend a lot of time together, making wonderful memories as a couple. Think about visiting vineyards, taking road trips, chilling on the beach, watching the sunset together and enjoying great food and drink. Or you could marry in a country you have visited together that holds a special place in your hearts. The options are endless!

Total luxury

Getting married at home means, there is always some chore or another to take care of that can detract from the build-up or aftermath of the wedding. However, getting married abroad gives you the total luxury of forgetting about the daily grind, allowing you more time to spend relaxing in luxury with only your vows and each other to think about.

Incredible beauty

A destination wedding will provide you with spectacular views that will help to create the most wonderful, unforgettable photographs. Bright sunshine, clear blue skies, amazing sunsets and beautiful ocean vistas can give your wedding photos a spectacular finish. Whatever your dream landscape, you can make it part of your wedding backdrop with a wedding abroad.

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